84 C 56
Ein Buch in Bewegung _ Un libro in movimento _ A book on the move

Artist’s book
28 pages, 16,5 x 12 cm, text in 3 languages,
tipped-in black and white Polaroid photograph (duplicate)
library stamp on center page

Edition of 150 exemplars, hand-stitched and numbered.
Damocle Edizioni, Venice 2020
ISBN 978-88-32163-23-0
20,00 Euro

In 1964 the book The Gospel According to Matthew. A film by Pier Paolo Pasolini was published on the occasion of the film's presentation at the Venice Film Festival. Fifty years later a first edition of the book from a renowned library in northern Italy was discovered in a flea market in a small town in southern Italy. How did it get there? What is the story? These questions were the starting point for research that attempts to sketch connecting lines between north and south, right and left, film and book on the move.