Wie ich auch Geld verdienen wollte … (Ways I earned some Pocket Money …)

Drawing, 80 x 120 cm, non-fading ink and post-its on cardboard

Austrian Graphic Award 2007
Collection province of Tyrolia, Innsbruck

"I worked at a boat fair on Lake Constance for six weeks demonstrating fitness machines for people who generally invested their money in yachts. But I could earn a lot of money in a short time. On the drive home, just before getting to the town I lived in, the engine of my Citroën went and the money I had earned was just enough for a replacement engine."

"When we worked at wine festivals when we were young, late in the evening we would sometimes pour what remained in the glasses together and sell it black. Nobody noticed. The customers were already too drunk and probably the stall owners as well."

"I cleaned for a time for an elderly Polish lady who lived alone. She was a heavy smoker and under her bed she had a box full of paper cigarette tubes into which she injected the tobacco using a metal syringe. The mouthpieces of the cigarette papers were printed with a filter design so the cigarettes didn’t look handmade."

"I remember a few days one summer when I gathered together the change from all my bags to try and buy a coffee. Then I found a summer job, filling the heavy dishwasher bask ets. at a big coffee shop in the city. There was free coffee and cake once a day."